Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Make Money using Filesonic, fast and easy file storage.

My Earnings for One Week

How do you Make Money from FileSonic?

     Making money online with filesonic is easy and is by far the best payout for your time. I make between 1200$ to 2000$ a month hosting files on filesonic.
What you Need
     -  Internet connection. Doesn't need to be fast.
     - Due to the fact we will be spreading adult oriented files you must be 18 years old or older. If you are under 18 click here to find out how to use filesonic using the PG13-PG method.
     - Blogging experience is helpful but not necessary, I can send you blogging tips via e-mail! - Free, simple and fast file hosting!

What is FileSonic?

FileSonic is a file sharing service (much like Hotfile, Rapidshare or Megaupload) that allows you to upload your files (both normal upload from your computer, via FTP or remote upload of files already online). Through the unique URL provided you can let people download your files. When a person downloads a file through you unique link you get anywhere from 1 Cent to 4 Cents. I know your thinking, wow im dealing with pennies, but within a week you will easily rack up 1000 downloads a day. 1000 times .04$ = 40$ a day and that is just the beginning. After a mastering the Filesonic system you can achieve the 5,000 mark, 5,000 times .04 = 200$ a day. That's 1,400 a week, 6,000$ a month!
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Remember I offer support to my referrals, just send me your username with your questions!

Get $10 for every Premium Sale you bring in, regardless of its price with!

How do I make money?

Simple, whenever someone downloads your uploaded file, you make money! FileSonic is one of the best file sharing sites when it comes to prices. FileSonic pays up to $30/1000 downloads, which is currently unmatched by any other file sharing site that does not force the visitor to do surveys or similar. This rate however, depends on the country of the downloading visitor and the size of the file he downloads (see picture: Pay-per-download rates). (Side Note Germany has been added to group A)

Affiliate program

FileSonic also lets you make money, when people register for a Premium account through your files. Specifically you get 60% commission, which could easily make you a lot of cash. Premium pricing ranges from $9 (30 days) to $55 (365 days). These prices are for just one sale.  NOW THEY ARE OFFERING A 10$ Bonus for all sales! 

How to receive payment

You get paid weekly (on Tuesdays) if you have made minimum $15 (don't worry, you will reach this within the first few hours). You get paid through Paypal, ePassporte, Webmoney.
Now to the fun part MAKING MONEY!
-Step one is signing up. Remember that I give full support to all referrals that sign up under me. Just shoot me an email and i'll get back to you. Filesonic is free and there is NO RISK.

-Step two is to get files! I get files from sites like Just simply download them to a flash drive or directly onto your hardrive and upload them to your filesonic account. Files can vary between 1 mb to over 1,000 mbs but it's best to have a range of file sizes to share. Some people like to download small files, others stick with the larger files. Large files are you "meaty" files, they will make you the most money. One large file can easily earn you 5 to 10 dollars a day just by itself. After while you'll collect a few dozen files and you can start to spread your download links!

-Step Three Now you have a pretty decent collection of files you need to get their links out there so people can start downloading! The easiest way to start spreading your files is on online forums below you will find a list of forums you can spread you files .To post your link you post a screenshot of the movie, then list the size and length of the file and finally , post your link!
If your not sure how to get a screenshot use Media Player Classic. If your not sure where to host your screenshots you have alot of options just google image host. Filesonic even will host your thumbnails and screenshots for you!

- Step Four You can simply create a blog, like this one! And post your screenshots and thumbnails on it. To drive traffic to your blog simply post its url in your signature on forums and image boards.

List of Sites and Forums where you can Spread your Filesonic files. 
Forums (I only listed 6, my referrals get an updated list.)                                  

I offer support to all my referrals. Simply email me at with your referral ID number and your question and I usually answer within a few hours. You guys will make a-lot more money if you contact me, I've been doing this for along time and i know what i'm doing!

Don't forget to send me your referral ID
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  2. How do you get paid? Via paypal?

  3. i signed up under you. I tried using imagetwist to host my screen shots but got banned from your site list (couple) because they said that site is blacklisted..What does that mean? Should I delete my account with them>? I don't want to get in trouble or do anything wrong..well in dealing with stupid sites that is.. lol Thank you

  4. Oh here's my referral link (just in case) :

    Thanks again:)

  5. Marie27, Filesonic has a great IMAGE HOSTING TOOL available for use. I use this one because you can directly link individual files with their own screenshots!

  6. That makes you pocket change I use this: